World Events and Their Influence on the Camp Community

Given the terrorist recent events, ACA has moved to high alert. We can't mobilize national defense but we can certainly mobilize in defense of America's greatest asset, children and youth.


The National Public Policy Committee is working closely with our D.C. based legislative firm to monitor immigration issues, background check systems, transportation changes, social security issues, and minimum wage efforts to mention a few. It is not a question of whether any of these areas will be affected but rather a question of when and how. We intend to monitor the federal activity carefully and communicate with members as swiftly as possible. For a list of Public Policy Committee members, go to


The National Insurance Committee has placed a watchful eye on the insurance industry. A market that was already hardening before the September 11th tragedy is most certainly being changed now. At the national conference this year in D.C., ACA will host an Insurance Roundtable with a number of insurance representatives committed to the camp profession. It is our hope that our collective intelligence will help us traverse these difficult times. For a list of Insurance Committee members, go to

Public Confidence

The ACA National Board has renewed their efforts to aggressively tell the story of the value of the camp experience, especially in time of need. The camp community can offer many children a safe shelter in the eye of the storm. The camp community can embrace children and youth in a community removed from the daily battering of media reports on violence and threat. The ACA National Board will actively voice this leadership and promote a place of normalcy for children and youth.

Risk Management

The ACA staff across the country has made a renewed commitment to provide the camp professional with relevant and timely information designed to help them meet the demands and expectations released by recent world events. They will work with partners and affiliates from all corners to collect, assimilate, and disseminate the best knowledge available. Educators, medical personnel, risk managers, economic experts, security experts, and child development experts will be asked to contribute to our body of knowledge. Our ability to network and stand strong will prevail.

As we move to high alert, it is our intent to exercise the art of negotiation, the gift of diplomacy, and the beauty of collaboration so we not only survive but also thrive while holding the hands of over ten million children and youth.


Originally published in the 2001 Fall issue of The CampLine.

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